Thursday, October 14, 2010

Human Powered Transportation

One of my fantasies is an elevated bikeway smack in the middle of the Massachusetts Turnpike, with streams of bicycle commuters going into and out of Boston, sometimes making better time than the auto traffic. Here is something that approaches that vision: a track-based recumbent bike mass transit system for cities. It (called "shweeb") is a difficult sell, because there is always plain old biking, which affords great flexibility to its commuting users, and is cheap. However, shweeb has the advantage of safety: a bike-only route with no chance of getting doored or run over. Where could this be implemented? Maybe the Mass Pike. But perhaps a better, smaller scale pilot could be along the BU campus along Commonwealth Avenue, a linear 2 mile stretch from Kenmore Square to Packard's Corner that already has a central transit corridor along its median strip.

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